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  • exploring and publishing teaching summary of the teachers of the past and present.
  • inviting and publishing experience, insight and knowledge of spiritually aligned people, who are insightful, knowledgeable but, not necessarily known as teachers.
  • inviting everyone to read, write, share, ask, answer, comment, discuss, rate spiritual teachings, methods and teachers.

Questions & Answers

  • What is prayer?

    Prayer starts when one leaves the temple. The prayer houses, meditation exercises, ritual prayers et...
  • Is there partial enlightenment?

    With all due respect, "partial enlightment" is akin to "almost pregnant"... the following classic in...

Recent Articles

Awakening Stories

  • John Wheeler, May 2004, Santa Cruz

    I first became aware of John Wheeler when I saw a flyer of his posted on the bulletin board outside...
  • Adyashanti

    One day while meditating Adyashanti heard a bird chirping and the question arose “Who hears this so...
  • Nonduality Salon

    GREG GOODE For me, attending is no more. But years ago, there was lots and lots of attending. It wa...


  • Creation

    Creation the first day of creation all the elements in their primary purity. mountain peaks reachin...
  • Real Knowledge

    Real Knowledge in real knowing there is no knower no knowledge nor known. there is only one undivid...
  • Devotion

    Devotion Oh my beloved, Were it not For the words inspired by your love I couldn't throw them all a...

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